10 предножений Present Continius

10 предножений Present Continius

  • Iam drinkin coffe. It is raining.Im reading a book now. The populaion of China is rising very fast. She is always showing pictures of her children.Iam doing homework now. We are leaving for London on Friday.Im making a cake.Im fixing the car in the garage now.Iam watching afootballon TV, and our football team are losing.

  • 1) He is answering the call at the moment.

    2) She is taking her son to kindergarten now.

    3) They are playing computer games now.

    4) My neighbours leaving country tomorrow.

    5) His friends are not going to the beach today.

    6) Why are they constantly arguing with each other?

    7) My father is taking me to the theater tonight.

    8) He is walking in the garden right now.

    9) She is meeting her old friend in half an hour.

    10) Im reading my favorite book at the moment.